What is APT?

Association of Pharmaceutical Trainers or APT, is a non-stock, non-profit organization. Its primary purpose is to provide leadership to individuals, organizations and society to achieve work-related competence, performance, and fulfillment, through updated and continuing training and education. It provides a conducive venue for a healthy interaction among trainers in the pharmaceutical industry. APT offers free consultations and affordable seminar/training rates.We can help and provide you training materials which you can borrow from our library. Please contact us today…..and stop your wondering.

How APT started?

The Association of Pharmaceutical Trainers was organized on December 20, 1993 with the purpose of raising the level of workplace learning and performance in our industry.

Through improved competencies, APT hopes to enhance the professional and ethical marketing practices of the healthcare industry in serving its customers.

APT derives its memberships from various healthcare companies’ employees whose responsibilities are primarily in leading and training field people.

APT is a non-profit association governed by a Board of Directors and elected by its regular members.